Florida Courthouse Courier Services
We Provide Florida Courthouse Case File Reviews, Delivery, Retrieval and Copy Services.
We locate, retrieve and obtain court case files from State Court, Circuit Court,
County Court, Federal Court and Appeals Courts in Florida

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Courthouse Messenger Services are for Attorneys who need Foreign Subpoenas
filed, issued, domesticated and served in Florida and or who need assistance with obtaining case file copies, docket information or recording official records in a Recorders Office in Florida

Providing courthouse courier services in Florida at the West Palm Beach Courthouse, North Palm Beach Courthouse Delray Beach Courthouse, Broward County Courthouse, Deerfield Beach Courthouse, Plantation Courthouse and Miami-Dade County Courthouse.

All Florida District Court House an Appellant Court locations are our specialty.

We also provide courier services to Florida Court Recorders offices, Probate and Surrogate Courts, Government Agencies and Public Agencies within Palm Beach County, Broward County and Miami-Dade County Florida

Our Florida Courthouse Courier Services are tailored to meet the needs of Attorneys, Paralegal Professionals,
Corporate Counsel and Legal Support Service Companies who need dependable assistance with courthouse services.

We Specialize in providing courthouse messenger and courier services
on behalf of out of town Law Firms and Legal Service Providers
who are seeking vendor assistance and dependable representation in Florida.

We do not have forms or blank subpoena's. Sorry.
We can not advise you how to prepare documents, we are not Attorneys ! Sorry.

Florida Courthouse Messenger & Courier Services and Private Process Servers

Agency for Civil Enforcement Corporation
A. C. E., Inc.
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 Suite 103
 Delray Beach, Florida 33445
USA Corporate Service email address: info@AceFLA.com

Courier & Messenger services
Domesticate your foreign Subpoena in Florida

Boca Raton to West Palm Beach Courier & Messenger Services
Domesticate a Subpoena in Florida, Florida Subpoena Service
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NOTE - Pay Attention Please

We are courthouse couriers and Licensed Private Process Servers NOT Court Service Advisors!
We do not, cannot and will not offer you any procedural or preparation advice. Sorry. Its against the Law for us to engage in legal procedural discussions, sorry.

You must direct your questions to the clerk of the court or to an Attorney.

When your paperwork is in order please call us to arrange courier services
to or from the courthouse and we will provide exemplary services.
The Above
"Domesticate" link will help you up to a certain point.
Ultimately, you will have to call the clerk of the court to confirm procedures, clerk fee's and requirements.
If you are seeking to issue a Subpoena in Florida call the court after you read this site.
We do not offer any filing information, opinions or forms; we are not lawyers and do not provide legal advice.

Please only call us AFTER you finalize your paperwork with the clerk of the court.
We handle courthouse transactions quickly and professionally
ONLY AFTER you complete the paperwork!
If your paperwork is declined by the clerk and we have to go back, you will incur additional fees. Please make sure all paperwork is verified with a clerk before you retain our services.

Palm Beach County FL Court Courier Services
4th  DCA; District Appeals, West Palm Beach, Florida
West Palm Beach Courthouse Courier FL
Palm Beach Gardens Courthouse
Federal Courthouse Courier West Palm Beach
Palm Beach County Recorders Office Courier
Delray Beach Courthouse Courier
Broward County Florida Court Courier Services
Fort Lauderdale Courthouse Courier Florida
Federal Courthouse Courier Ft. Lauderdale
Fort Lauderdale Recorders Office Courier FL
Plantation Courthouse
Hollywood Courthouse
Deerfield Beach Courthouse Courier FL
Miami-Dade County Florida Court Courier Services
Miami-Dade Courthouse Courier FL
Federal Courthouse Courier Miami-Dade FL
Miami-Dade Recorders Office Courier FL
North Miami Courthouse
Use one of our couriers to retrieve a Florida Court File; Research, Retrieve and make Copies of any Court File. We only provide services within above referenced counties and courthouses.
To request file and copy retrieval services
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Need Courthouse Services in Florida
File a Lawsuit or Domesticate a Subpoena in Florida; Legal documents picked up and filed at a Courthouse. We only provide services within the above referenced counties and courthouses.
To request Filing or Domestication Services
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Record and Certify documents in Florida; Liens, Deeds, Writs, Orders, Judgments, Garnishment Documents and all other Legal Instruments. We only provide services within the above referenced counties and courthouses.
To request Recordation of your documents services
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Need Courthouse Services in Florida
West Palm Beach Courthouse Florida
Federal Courthouse West Palm Beach FL
Palm Beach County Recorders Office FL
Palm Beach County Government Agencies FL Delray Beach Courthouse Florida
Palm Beach County Recorders Office
Broward Courthouse Florida
Federal Courthouse Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Fort Lauderdale Recorders Office FL
Deerfield Beach Courthouse Florida
Broward County Government Agencies FL
Broward Recorders Office
Miami-Dade Courthouse Florida
North Miami-Dade Courthouse FL
Federal Courthouse, Miami Florida
Miami Dade Recorders Office Florida
Miami-Dade Government Agencies FL
Miami-Dade Recorders Office

Who are we? We are South Florida's leading and most reputable legal courier, licensed Process Server Service and court services company. We provide courier services on behalf of Attorneys, Law Firms, Bank Counsel and Corporate Counsel. Our Florida Court courier, service of process and legal assistance services are designed to meet the specialized needs of our clients who need dependable courier and vendor representation in South Florida. Our Florida Corporate Name is, Agency for Civil Enforcement Corporation. We are a Florida State Licensed Private Investigation Agency (License # A9900347) and only utilize State Licensed Investigators and or County Certified and Sheriff Appointed Process Server Agents to handle your courier requests. We are also private process servers who service legal process and specialize in coordinating courier services, court filings, recording legal instruments and retrieving important court files and specific docket entries. We are significant part of the Florida courthouse landscape and are considered the best legal courier service coordinators in South Florida. Our decade long involvement with Florida courthouses and government agencies provides you with hands on direct access and the experience you need to have your request handled  properly.

We are a small, well managed family business. Every courier, service of process or court services request is handled with care and attention to your specific needs. All courier service requests are processed immediately. For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards or your firm check. All service requests are paid in advance of services and or by retainer only.

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Specializing in providing court courier services to out of town Law Firms who are seeking vendor representation in Florida

You have no worries with us
Our Twenty Years in Business Assures Success
We Guarantee Results!

Telephone: 800. 987. 4680


A. C. E., Inc., of Florida
Provides Florida Statewide Processing and Delivery Services
Private Process Servers and Legal Document Delivery Systems
When you hire us our Private Process Serving Managers will assure:

Peace of Mind
Experienced Agents
Superior Communications
Timely Reports and Paperwork
Proof of Delivery
Real Time Updates
Jurisdictional Affidavits and Proof of Service
Professional Delivery and Private Process Service Excellence
Email Transaction updates
Expertise with Locating Missing People
Direct contact with processing agent assigned to your service request
Advancing Witness Fees
Receiving documents via Email Attachment
Accuracy in Reporting
Scanning Affidavits before Mailing Original
Free Notarization of Affidavits
Images, Photo's, Video and GPS Data
Assured Compliance
Expert Diligence Search and Locate service
Diligence Affidavits
Statutory Services

A. C. E., Inc. of Florida
Courthouse Courier, Messenger and Runner Services
1615 South Congress Avenue
Suite 103
Delray Beach, Florida 33445

Our Florida Statewide service agents are the most experienced and dependable providers of Service of Process, Delivery,
Document Retrieval, Judicial Courthouse Services, Due Diligence, Skip Trace and Location Services available in the State.

Nationwide Process Services
Service Request Telephone Number:
800. 987. 4680

Process Serving Services
Service Request by Email:, please click here → info@AceFLA.com

All information received, communications, email addresses and services provided are strictly confidential. We do not store, save or retain any email addresses or create cookies. All files, date, records, affidavits, investigation reports, evidence, credit card data, account numbers, ACH transactions, email and all other communications are secured and are not available for public or commercial use.

Confidentiality and Security of all communications, matters and Information is Assured.
There are no refunds for services after we receipt of paperwork. All services are prepaid only.

Private Investigation Agency License Number: A 9900347

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